Give your family a healthy meal without sacrificing your time together.

From one busy family to another, we understand life’s demands.
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Covid-19 Updates: We want to serve you the best way that we can in these difficult and uncertain times. To try to make our pies more available to the community, we will be offering extended curbside delivery at the following locations in Botetourt and Roanoke. Order online and put the pick-up location (listed below) in the order notes. 

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Our Pies

Savory Pies

Our savory pies are scratch-made, hearty, healthy, and wholesome food. With so many flavor options, your family will never get tired of our savory pies!

Sweet Pies

With the easy clean up and time savings of serving a savory pie to your family, why not enjoy dessert together too? We offer seasonal flavors and staples your family is sure to love!


Enjoy a successful fundraiser when you sell something people really want!


What We Serve

We all live busy lives with competing priorities. With our own family, we found ourselves feeling guilty about sacrificing time together, healthy eating, or the expense of stopping by a restaurant…or bringing home take out. So we created a solution.

Our pies come frozen for your convenience, which allows you maximum flexibility to serve a great meal to your family when you really need it. Stock up on your favorite flavors, and work them into your meal plans or pull one out when you need it.

"Did mommy make this?"

– Levi (8 Years Old)

"This tastes just like I remember!"

– Kimberly

"This is the best thing I've ever tasted."

– Isaac (10 Years Old)

"We need to have this again soon."

– Isaiah (6 Years Old)

From Our Family To Yours

Often times, the best solutions come from practical experience. Our family values a warm, healthy family meal, the wonderful dynamic of sharing a meal at the table together, and avoiding unhealthy restaurant food.

Our family chose to make “Pie Lady” pies part of our plan when we had a busy week, or when the need arose…we had them ready.

With our favorite pies in the freezer, we could have dinner ready in less than an hour, with zero effort, and one-minute of cleanup. Plus, the pies are cheaper and healthier than a restaurant meal.

From our family to yours, we hope we can cook you dinner tonight, or when you need us the most!

– Ginny


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