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Fundraisers…we’ve been there and done that.

Everyone wants to earn the most return for their effort. We're here to help you do that.

We make this as easy as pie (did you think we’d pass on that pun?). Pie Lady pies are a unique and desirable fundraising option that people actually want to buy (how much cookie dough do you still have from the last fundraiser?). When you sell something people actually want, your sales become effortless.

Simplicity is the key. Only pay for what you sell, and you don’t even need to pay until you’ve completed the ordering process. Pick up your pies in about two weeks and deliver them to your fans (plus collect for delivery and accept tips)!

It is easy to get started! Call or fill out the form to meet and create the best strategy for your fundraiser.

Did mommy make this?
Levi (8 Years Old)
It's nice to have emergency meals that taste homemade.
This is the best thing I've ever tasted.
Isaac (10 Years Old)
We need to have this again soon.
Isaiah (6 Years Old)


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