Chicken and Vegetables Chicken Little


A classic “Pie Lady” scratch-made chicken pie with carrots, corn, green beans, and peas, now as a Chicken Little! This 5 inch pie is the perfect size for one, or to share. This is our take on the quintessential chicken pot pie we all knew and loved as kids, which you now get to share with your own family.



We managed to make nostalgia a main ingredient in this classic “Pie Lady” savory pie…all without the runny and messy filling sometimes associated with chicken pot pie. This our take on the quintessential chicken pot pie, and it is as easy to eat as it is delicious!
The Pie Shoppe, building on the classic recipes made famous by “the Pie Lady,” creates delicious, gourmet, savory pies meant for busy families. If you are one of the families that doesn’t want to have to compromise between healthy, real food and practical convenience, then The Pie Shoppe can cook dinner for you tonight.
Our pies come frozen and ready-to-bake for your convenience. Simply pop them in the oven after a long day, or when you just want a great meal, and know you are feeding your family real, scratch-made food you can feel good about. Adults and kids alike love these pies, and you can stock your freezer with a combination of flavors to keep things interesting!